The 5 most important factors of Youtube SEO in 2016

Conversion visit> Subscriber after the video display

The first factor that many channels do not consider is to  get visitors to convert> subscribers after the visits have displayed all our video  . For this help the channel is fully prepared to look like a professional channel (avatar, prepared header and design focused maximize this conversion visiting> a subscriber).

If you get a high ratio of subscribers after they displayed a video of you to complete your video will go up in the SERPs Youtube quickly, because Google understands this as the famous user satisfaction / loyalty.

As happens in Google, if a website is in TOP 5 is chosen more often than one that is TOP 3, soon, the web which is below, will occupy the 3rd place (the famous CTR ). For this, Google used a striking meta-title and meta-description also striking as far as possible .. But Youtube only haveretention based on content quality.

A simple, but very effective in achieving the subscription technique is to use annotations with calls to action ( intrusive links within the video ) in which remind visitors that help us grow if they subscribe.

Insert these always better links at the end of the video so that when they become (even if they do less for being at the end) do favor the ranking in SEO.

external text optimization

On YouTube, there are many sections where add text, the first is ” channel description ” that willhelp us make our channel and other videos appear as ” suggested ” by Youtube, if anyone has seen something related to our theme.

The video title should contain about 50 to 60 characters and should include the keyword if possible integrated in a sentence with semantic meaning, ie, with respect to both the user and the eyes of Google.

The video description should also be full of keywords because Youtube is more permissive than Google in this regard but without doing keyword stuffing , pure and simple, which also penalizes), raised well and good labels.

It is also important that the video description begins exactly the keyword that we want toposition.

Some 200 original and repeated keyword both directly and as synonyms obtained from Keyword Planner (so get these words from Google itself) words.

One of the best ways to attract traffic on Youtube today, is precisely the videos suggested by the platform (shown to you once you are logged in and you have seen certain videos previously).

you may also appear on the main page as a suggestion (who does not “assail” viral videos cursed the Rubius and company in the home each time you enter Youtube?).

Suggested appear only in channels that have a thematic video well defined , that is, if your channel is very multi-thematic, random or off topic , Youtube not get pigeonhole in a specific topic.To do this, you have to put all videos in the same category.

Visits quality (some Black Hat)


 I still positioning on Youtube with Black Hat  . Buying high retention visits and also in good quantity, no only 1,000 visits, I usually buy 5,000 hits on.

( Here we have increased the views of this video on your channel Dean “Blogger3.0” )

The competition is now stronger in wide range of topics (because more and more people realize the gold mine untapped meaning Youtube today) and you need a good amount of traffic to make a difference in the rankings .

Another of the things I work when traffic position through payment Youtube is that these visits they arrive gradually , ie, that there is a peak in the graph and then lower.

I buy (and sell) visits through this service OlimpoSEO .

The service has more than 2 months without problems videos erased by buying visits. I in all the videos that have added this service have not had any problems.

However you must know that if you spend blasteas ruthlessly and without doing things right and with some care the risk can exist (obviously Google is not stupid).

Embed videos on websites with authority

If I want to position in Google also my videos, I usually use a mixture of 2 post high quality / authority (obtained from PBN ) where to embed the video as embed , and embeds in web 2.0 we can get using RankerX or other similar pages .

Anything PBN on Youtube is working today swimmingly, because hardly anyone is doing, focus more on buying visits and Likes, and you know, make a difference always works better (but to be told Dean crack).

This technique (although in the example I’ll mention it was used in a completely “natural”) is the most power has been given for example the famous viral video Vlogs Luzu entitled ” the road to success .”

This famous Youtuber made a video that became so viral and shared that soon ended embedded in first tens and then hundreds of websites around the world where all kinds of post the embedded video appears. Something that today has earned for that if you put the word / keyword ” success ” on Youtube the video comes out with that the first😉

Boosting Youtube Channel

Through this step 5 we will give SEO directly to the issuer Youtube channel videos  (so that weincrease its authority) and not so much to videos itself.

authority-channelIt is a technique that is currently fashionable in forums gringos but not carried out yet here too and its implementation continues to be simple but effective.

It is called “Boosting Youtube Channel” and trying to increase the TF and CF (Trust Flow and Citation Flow, tool metrics Majestic measuring the quality and quantity of links on your particular) and therefore all videos to be published in this channel will be endowed with authority in the face of Google, they will be best positioned overall.

To carry out this technique the best known way is to start working on creating links (mostly reviews, links news and links PBN) pointing directly to the main URL of our channel.

If it manages to convey a fair amount of authority or link juice soon you will see how your videos start them rank more strongly because this is something very few people do, (invest in buy links do follow into the main channel URL) .

statisticsAnother powerful way to optimize the channel and our videos Youtube is to know exactly how our competition is working.

How they are using tags and keywords (to try to replicate), how many times have shared their videos as well as an estimate of their statistics such as profit and times have been “embedded”.

It is a very valuable information when analyzing a market and see if the videos are in the top positions for a keyword really have difficulty / a good job back there or are the result of the absence of more content.

This you can know downloading free Vidiq for Chrome .

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