How to survive the SEO changes in 2016

Is SEO dead? Of course not, long live the SEO !

World trends online again test the positioning Internet and all algorithms that manage it. If you have not adapted you are losing visitors and customers.

We want you to always be up to date and so we will tell you the main changes will be:

Siri digital assistants and other rule.

What seek your potential customers?

Search engines remain the main source that uses the user in finding what you need. But who has not resorted to Siri? Digital assistants are becoming increasingly force. Work the keywords . Enter conversational phrases on your website and blog as users would when using search engines like Siri.

Big news in SEO: mobile devices

Responsive design to work seo in 2016It is no news that every day the mobile device is more essential in our lives, so it is not nothing new that the information is sought through it.

Thus, have our web adapted to this format is a prerequisite. Google is working on it and in April launched a new algorithm which will be penalized mobile web searches to those that are not adapted to our phone format.

Worth and do not risk as a safe bet.

Do not forget videotaping!

Seo in 2016. Video

For its part, the videos are also suggested as another important alternative in this year.Audiovisual content allow to achieve more and more results and stand out as one of the preferred choices for the public. And we should give users what they demand.

Social networks and apps are strengthened

And closely related to the use of mobile devices are indexing with social networks. To improve your SEO in 2016 committed to the social profiles of your company and let users reach you by the way it is, but they arrive.

# Redessociales commitment to your company and let users reach you by the way it

It does not take any guru sector to see annual growth of the most popular social networks and understand the potential customers that they move the market.

And in turn we work with apps on mobile devices also become an object in which Google will still charge indexing and more important in the future.

The basis: relevant content and quality

But with all these changes, the base of the SEO trend for 2016 remains its main foundation. And besides giving the user the relevant content and quality we must also create online links because it is an action that benefits us all.

Participation with other blogs, forums or social networks power your digital authority, but be careful with our link building and possible penalties that can bring us.

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