About barricada.org

What a surprise So there are people who read the pages “About”?

I thought you only did I! 😀

As I hope you’ll be very busy trying to position your website, I try to be brief.

I’m the one pictured on the right, and you can learn more about me on Google Plus  or my personal profile on Facebook

And if you are really interested you can read some interviews that I have made, at theend of this page .

But do not waste too much time reading, because the only real way forward is to learn and take action.

While before there are a couple of things I would like to tell:

  • I’m no “guru SEO” and everything I know I learned experimenting (and blundered much) over the years,
  • I do not dedicate myself professionally to this issue, although “I know something” 😉

And a couple of tips that I wish to give me:

  • Keep a critical mind with everything you read on this site, or any other.Investigates and formate own opinion .
  • Practice , because as you learn to position websites understand what works for your niche or your particular style.

What is barricada.org?

This site was born after lost interest in the BlackHat there in 2012.

Well, lose interest is a manner of speaking, Penguin swept me map …

For a while “I left the Internet”, but later I decided to try to position some pages without “dirty tricks”. And this page, HL Marketing has been my guinea pig for a long time, continually testing ideas and positioning techniques.

And here I am sharing with you some of what I learned in the process 🙂

What it is NOT barricada.org?

  • It is not the typical web promises you the top spot in Google, or win X dollars a day “comfortably from home” (as far as I know positioning a website is not something comfortable or easy)
  • NO public content type “5 quick tricks for …”, here you will find useful information that you can apply to the real world.